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Default 4 year old male too skinny ? Help

Hi all ,

I'm having issues with my dogs weight gain. After several brand switches ( the breeder gave him Alpo Dry food which we don't have in NYC) I finally got him on Core Wellness that doesn't give him diarrhea when he gets near the bottom of the bag . The vet noticed he wasn't putting on much weight and suggested pumpkin to be included in his food but it made his stool a little more softer .
When I took him to the vet recently the new vet said to stop . I also mentioned that if I gave him the amount on the bag it would come out like mush .
So now he's dropped about 22 pounds in a year. He is not lethargic and never turns down food . He's really hyper . You can see his ribs and easily feel them . They did 4 blood test and have no idea what's wrong with him . He also was negative for parasites/worms .

I'm following the directions from when he was boarding ( 2 -2 1/2 cups 2x a day ) & I added some wet food too and changed from the Orginal recipe to the one with fish . Any suggestions ??? He also is not neutered yet . Just hyper with a good appetite. He also went from 90 pounds to 68.5

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