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Overly affectionate GS

I have 2 German shepherds (male and female). My female is 8 years old and my male is 7. Of course they have to be in the same room that we are in. A lot of times when the family is all over the house they will rotate rooms to be with all of us. But mostly they will stay in the room with my husband and myself.

Sasha, my female, lately seems to be very needy with affection. If I am sitting at the computer she will come up to me and sit beside me and whimper. If I don't acknowledge her right away, she will nudge me with her nose or force her head underneath my arm.

I understand that she is wanting attention, but she seems to have been doing this a lot more than normal. We are not giving her any less attention. I just wondered if there was something I was missing that I should pay more attention to.

I know this does not seem like a big deal but I just wondered why she was wanting more affection that she normally gets. Does it have something to do with her age?
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