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Default Losing control

I have two gs and three cats. Unfortunately we have to keep the dogs gated in the kitchen because they constantly chase the cats. They are always jumping on us and visitors we come home from work or they visit. People don't like to be around our dogs because its no fun to be tackled by 100 lbs. We keep then crated during family holidays, which I'm sad about because i want then included. Also, they are always fighting. I thought it was the older female showing dominance but now it's the male who starts it most of the time. (Female is 2yo ava, male is 1yo zeik) Usually when we pet the female, he comes over to start a fight. Another thing i noticed is when we are standing in the kitchen, if we are in his walking path, he will just walk right into us and move us out of his way. Ive never seen it before. Very weird behavior. When we let them outside to play, they usually chase after each other and tackle each other in a playful manner or tug after the rope. Zeik will never let ava have toys. Especially inside. He **** near draws blood getting the toys away so now they cant have toys inside. I know we have been slacking on consistency but we are trying to get back into the swing of things. Any suggestions? And please no hateful comments. Asking for advice, not arguments

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