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Anyway she started sleeping more and hasnt been eating as much. Normally Lily and my other dog, Bella(1 1/2 yr old) will share out of the same bowl even though they each have there own but today when they were given some leftover chicken lily started growling at her. It happened again when she was laying next to me on my bed and bella walked in and was about to jump up on it too. She was drooling a little bit today which happened to bella too when she went into heat a few months back. My dad thinks she might have rabies but i dont think so. She's never been outside more then 5 minutes unsupervised, and even then Bella was with her and they will start barking up a storm if they see anything move. She's out in her kennel tonight just to be safe and we're also going to take her to the vet tomorrow or monday.

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