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Originally Posted by angelas View Post
"When you hear hoof beats, think horses, not zebras."

If huskies are as rare as you say the dog could very well be a mix with a dog like the grizzle colored Saluki you posted. If I remember correctly Salukis in the Far East aren't as set in type as those in North America. While they are all sighthounds, some can be more heavily built than what is seen in the North American show ring.
Thanks for your reply.

We are super lucky here in that we have native "wild" saluki type dogs not so lucky for them as they do struggle but for the most part bedouins look after them and they are bred for performance. Where possible educated people take them to spay and neuter

Yes the sight hounds come in all large sizes and shapes

They are what we call "baladi" which is Arabic for "local" or simply mountain dog. You guys would call them mixed breed but they are the most intelligent and loyal dogs ever. I need to really document them for sight hound lovers who would never see them.

If anyone wants to export them the easiest route is via Belgium take them all there are plenty of rescue groups here
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