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Not a shepherd, but what is he please? Husky / Wolfdog?

Hi I lurk here, first time post.

I have a GSD and surf in for info and you guys look like professionals so I hope you can help me

I have also seen some of the "usual" picture posts that must annoy you guys, is it a GSD? Is it a GSD mix?

I think this is dog number 3 now so we are full up now of strays we tried to move him on but hey it's one of those.

I did some research and I am wondering is this a 1) Husky Mix 2) Wolf Dog Hybrid 3) Something else!

Some background information

1) Location: South Sinai, Egypt - near to Israel
2) Local wild dog's present: Sinai Saluki Types, "Baladi" Bedouin Mountain Dogs.
3) Imported dog's present: GSD, doberman, Great Dane
4) Wild Species present, but rare: Arabian Wolf Arabian wolf - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
5) Behavior: This dog is very quiet, rarely barks or makes many vocalisations and is very affectionate and seems different

The Egyptian wolf, while very elusive, is probably found in the various parts of the Sinai, but there are a few questionable reports from both the Eastern and Western Deserts.

Though little is known of the Egyptian variety, elsewhere, the Arabian Wolf is known to inhabit desert margins. In the Sinai, local Bedouins claim Wolves are only found in the mountains of the Southern Sinai, (which are all around me) where there has been at least one, recent sighting by reliable observers

Note: See here for some cool canine type animals that as they are nocturnal I rarely see The Wild Canines of Egypt

So guys please let me know, although this is not a GSD I know someone somewhere can give me a nudge in the right direction!

Tomorrow I will upload some photos of my Egyptian GSD so you can see what is looks like many years of breeding that might be of interest from a point of genetics but she is a pet

Here is Alfie on his "Arabic" blanket LOL

Thanks so much guys

Here are images links as not sure if you can see them

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