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We don't have a designated trainer per se. He's been through obedience and has his CGC. We can def look into contacting the club again for help.

He has a crate but normally he's free during the day. Just sleeps in there at night.

He 2 and is neutered. Annie is spayed.

I had no idea about the adrenalin! Here I thought it would help to have a positive experience playing with other dogs we know.

The only reason we go to the park is to play fetch for him. Our backyard is too small to really play fetch and he loves it. He does get two walks a day and on the weekends, like today, we make a point of going to play fetch somewhere to really wear him out.

We've played with both Brutus and the other GSD multiple times and never had any issues. Honestly, neither the other GSD owner or I know who started it. We both thought the dogs were just hanging out by us since Brutus had gone in.

I just feel like such a bad dog person.
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