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Hey, sorry you had to run into an idiot. Make sure you take care of your finger. As to the incident I think you did better then I would have. I see people pointing out the things that could have avoided the situation but once it happens it's irrelevant. I would have beaten the other dog off mine to be honest. Our dogs would defend us regardless of whether we were right or wrong and I feel I owe mine the same! 2 against one isn't fair...

There's a huge newfoundland that comes to our DP that just doesn't like mine (mine plays with all others fine) and when I see him coming we leave. If he ever goes after mine in a real fight I have no problem defending mine as well. In your shoes I would have maybe even called the cops since her dogs came after you and your dog. If your's was staying with you and listened it's on that woman if you ask me!

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