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He's Injuring Others! What do I do????

I'm really worried and bit freaked out. I've been lurking on this forum for awhile and regret that this is the topic of my first post.

My GSD, Roscoe, attacked 3 dogs today. He bit and drew blood on two of them, seriously injuring one of those two.

We were at a dog park playing fetch far away from any other dogs when a blue heeler suddenly ran across the park and jumped at my dog. Roscoe attacked. The two had separated on their own in seconds. Neither dog was bleeding but we left.

Called up a friend who we have regular doggy play dates with to see if we could play with them since our dp time got cut short. I took Roscoe and my other dog Annie over there to play. They have a 1yr old Great Dane, Brutus, and all the dogs get on great. Another playmate, a GSD, arrived later too. Roscoe was avoiding Brutus for some reason but playing with the GSD. Brutus would try and play with Roscoe but Ros would turn and bark at him. Normally he and Brutus can't get enough of each other...

A long story short we noticed a bloody spot on the Brutus's side. Looked like he'd been nipped. He went inside to get cleaned up. While the Brutus was inside I was talking with the other GSD owner when suddenly our dogs went for each other. Both GSDs had been by their respective owners' sides and then suddenly there was a snarling mass of fur between us two owners.

The other GSD is a female and got severely bitten on the nose. Part of her nose was hanging off by the time we got them separated. They rushed her into a car to take to the vet. I haven't heard from them yet about her current condition.

Roscoe was fine. No cuts or scraps I could find. He went over to go play with my other dog and acted fine. We came back home and he's acting normal. I'm scared to leave him with my other dog unsupervised though....

Roscoe has never shown any aggression previously. I've had him since he was a puppy; he's two now. He's never bitten another dog or been attacked before. He and my eskie, Annie, get on great. I'm just really freaked out.

I called my family to ask for advice and Dad says to euthanize him. 'Once a dog attacks other dogs it's only a matter of time before he attacks you.' I think that sounds a bit extreme. I love Roscoe. He's never been any trouble before. Today though, fighting with the heeler, nipping the dane, and then mauling the GSD...I'm at a loss.

Is it safe to leave him alone with Annie? Is he 'safe'? It's the sudden aggressive change in personality that really worries me. I don't know if I can trust this new development. Please help!

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