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You know how your dog gets about toys, you shouldn't have brought a toy to a dog park.

It doesn't mean the other lady wasn't more in the wrong, she was. But you need to protect your dog. There are idiots everywhere in the world, and for the future, if you continue to do, leave the toy behind, because having the toy there, caused a problem where there may not have been one.

I think too, that when the dog came and took your toy out of your hand, and the response from the other dogs' owner, and the fact that she had several dogs with her, I think you should have been more prepared for trouble. Hindsight it 20/20 but you probably should have carried the toy away instead of letting your dog carry it away. This dog was not willing to give you a pass with the toy, you being a human. Chances are he was not going to give your dog a pass with it. And the lady with three dogs simply did not have the control to prevent her dog from starting a problem.

We don't have to be in the wrong, for our actions or inactions to make a crappy situation worse. Sometime, to avoid problems, because I do not know how someone else's dog might act, I will do a thing that I shouldn't be expected to do. I think that in most situations, we can look back and ask ourselves, what might I have done differently? It doesn't mean you were wrong. It is just trying to make you and your critter more safe in the future.

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