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Trainers around State College PA or Erie PA

Hey guys, here is my dilemma. A Google search presented two Schutzhund clubs, BOTH two + hours away. I've been throwing around the idea of just making the trip each weekend, but that is still a lot of time and gas...yikes.

Looking to see if anyone knows of any good trainers around either State College or Erie. I'll be in State College until May, and then move back to Erie. So, ideally I would like to find a solid obedience trainer in State College, and a more advanced one in Erie since he is only six months now, and from what I've read obedience should be the key focus until he's developed more and can handle rougher training.

There was an idealistic trainer in State College, who is no longer taking on new clients because they are moving... (John P Jones Training)

I'm completely new to all of this, so my idealistic trainer would be training me too
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