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We'll it happened...

I'm not exactly sure why I am writing this maybe it's just to vent or maybe I want to know if I was wrong...either way the following happened today.

It's ten degrees f outside today and there's half a foot of snow on the ground so I take the opportunity to bring my dog to the dog park. When I arrive there's only one individual there dog off leash, so i let ranger go, no problems (there's never a problem)... After a few minutes another guy come by with a couple English water dogs. I'm there about fifteen minutes now and I make my way to the other side of the giant ass field to play with the frisbee. We play for at least another twenty minutes, by this time I'm freezing cold and I start the walk back to my truck, I have my dogs frisbee in my hands when I notice two white large labs and a smaller dog getting out of a car and running towards me. The dogs are greeting each other and one takes off grabbing the frisbee right out of my hand on his way out.
So i instantly know that this could be bad so I give my dog the command to stay and sit and I stand in front of him to keep eye contact with him , by this time the lady is telling her three dogs to stop with the frisbee . As she gets her dog to stop instead of picking up the frisbee and taking it away and having control of the situation she leaves it on the ground and distracts her dogs away, I release ranger and start my way back to the truck and the frisbee in between. As I approach the frisbee ranger grabs it and where on our way to the truck. The dogs all 3 come back. And the lab snaps and growls in rangers face to get the frisbee. To my surprise that's all it took for a full out dog fight to happen, one dog was gone and there's my dog and two others fighting silently and seriously, fist thing I do is go in grabbing the first dog by the neck and holding him in my left hand . He is the smalleR of the two dogs now I'm wrestling my dog and the other which are truly going at it now. I manage to get them apart for a moment only to get bit through the pinky, and they get back together, at this point someone grabs the little dog from me or I felt someone close enough to let go of the dog I know have two hands to get these **** dogs apart, I never once treated the other dog any different even though some would say to be overly aggressive with them I just swiftly and strongly grabbed both dogs by the necks until she came over only to throw a coffee cup at my dog and start mother ***** me and telling me I'm an ******* for bringing an attack dog to the park?,.,.,now I'm pissed off and I tell her to leave me the **** alone or call the cops because she was being an *******, she starts yelling all dumb **** to other people in the park that. I have a wolf dog and it's aNd attack dog... Finally she leaves and I do the same thereafter , after having a few cracks at her behavior with another gentleman.

Anyway ranger has a cut ear, and some fur stuck in his teeth and I've got a bitten pinky finger". I feel bad but I don't think I was wrong, I know how dogs get sometimes with toys and new dogs, and I addressed it . Only by her dog catching me by surprise i can guarantee this would have never happened, although I will admit my dog is very protective of toys sometimes it has never escalated to this there was maybe a growl or a snap and it was over (with the GSD' and golden he normally interacts with on a weekly basis.) I'm going to end my rant now I'm glad I was there because if I wasn't I fear dogs would have been severely injured this wasn't a show of aggression it was quiet and fierce.

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