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Polar Vortex and your dogs

My question is at what temperature do you feel comfortable leaving your dogs out? My 2 dogs, Dex & Lexie are use to a life of leisure, they are in the house whenever we are. They have to stay out for about 10 hrs every work day where they roam about 3-1/2 acres chasing birds & squirrels all day long while supplementing their diet. At the start of this cold snap I left them in the garage where they had their things to chew on, but they decided to chew up a buddies pool case along with a few other of my things. They had never done anything like this before other that Dex chewing a small hole in a leather couch when he was a young puppy. They did this on purpose because they didn't like being locked in the garage. Any way I felt guilty leaving them outside yesterday when the temperature was 7 degrees with a wind chill of -20 . They have 2 very well insulated and placed dog houses that they refuse to use. I was very concerned leaving them out in these conditions so I made sure they were checked on every hour. They seem to be happy and care free in these conditions.
My question is based on young healthy German Shepherds.
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