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Jumping when on recalls.

Hello every one ! I have been having a problem recently with my dog, Skye.

I left her with my family for a week and ever since then during training when i tell her to come she will JUMP up on me somewhere during that recall.. Before she would NOT do this, I don't know what to do about it. She has been trained above average dogs however this is a problem i don't know how to fix. She only does this on recalls

She also is jumping up on people when people come in the house, however im fixing this by keeping her tied up till she settles down then i allow her to be pet. I am going to start using the clicker for this i was going to buy a dog "pen" to teach her to be calm however i don't own one so a leash works.. I keep her tied and and tell them to completely ignore her untill she settles down. Then she gets lots of loving attention.. My next dog will be in SchH. However i can't do that atm so i'm stuck with figuring things out (the problems) on my own.. Any opinions on the matter? The recall is the worst however she sometimes jumps up on me and has a nip at my clothing.. (Costing me a leather jacket and a good coat..) However i'm not mad. I just need this to stop NO i didn't hurt the dog. I use positive reinforcement methods only. I'm considering getting a clicker to help with her training. Thanks.
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