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Default Miss Molli(gator)

Here's Miss Molli (now at 7 months) Sometimes I wonder if she has a bit(lot) of Mal in her due to her over the top play/prey drive. I know she doesnt but I havent seen another GSD with her level of sharpness. Like a shark- always moving, always alert and stuck to your side where ever you go. *HAS* to have something to do- not a couch dog by any means. She gets a ton of compliments on her coloring/markings and beautiful glossy coat (due in no small part to Blue Buffalo food and weekly brushings do doubt) She's filled out a bit in these pictures and I'd assume she'll get a bit taller before too long. Currently 51lbs. DDR/Czech dog with a very straight back that I noticed in her parents as well. She is an absolute pleasure to own and work with (doing some informal bitework/agility work with a local military K9 instructor) and has been a wonderful companion for the kids. Its amusing to watch her herd the youngest around the yard. Hope you enjoy the pics as I am one proud dad!
Last pic is her at 5 months.
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