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Ugh... teenagers

We're a crazy boy?! What happened to that sweet little boy who was so eager to please and was stuck to me like glue?! I know...he's growing up, finding his independence, but I don't want him to. He's still a good boy and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything, but whoa...he's so reminiscent of raising my human child. Thank goodness I had a girl, because he couldn't possibly bring me nearly as much drama as she did as a teenager.

We're trying our hand at agility. SO fun! We just switched training facilities, because of scheduling, and this new place has a totally different philosophy than the other one. I like it and I think we're going to be fine, but the learning curve is going to be a challenge. This trainer is totally treat based and doesn't give any negative markers. Basically, do what's asked...get a treat. Don't do treat and no correction. Prior to this we've had tools like, bitter apple, pinch collars, etc. in addition to treats for good behavior.

Well, last night was our first night at the new facility. OH MY GOSH! I don't know where this version of my dog came from. Wouldn't sit, wouldn't stay, jumping on me, nipping, you name it...he did it. At one point he totally ditzed out and just ran aimlessly through the arena. I was shocked and embarrassed. I so didn't know this dog.

The trainer was like Jesus...calm, sweet, telling me that it was ok, giving him the excuse that it was the new arena and a new environment. Then...she holds out one of her treats and the little turkey does everything she asked him to do. Now, in addition to being shocked and embarrassed....I'm green with envy and jealousy! This is the dog who is scared of any stranger that approaches him and has to be lured into letting people pet him (we do a lot of work in socializing him). So...while I'm glad he didn't bark at her and cause a dare he befriend her over her puppy crack.

On the way home, the turkey was quietly snoozing in the backseat as if none of that last hour had transpired. Cute...sleepy...happy....and so in for it today. Oh yes....that little man is going to train his butt off for the next week. We're going to go into that arena next week and resist her puppy crack and dog whisperer voodoo like a good little boy and do everything mom tells him to do.

I know he will be good at agility, and enjoy it once we learn how to do it, but oh boy...we have a long road ahead of us if this is going to be the dog he chooses to be.

I'm just blathering...looking for someone to say "your not alone" and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel or that you're having like experience at 11 months old.
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