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Neighbor's dog developed from fearful/submissive to fearful/aggressive

Without training or intervention, is this a common result?
Our neighbor has a male 50-60lb mix, probably pit/herder that is 2 yrs old now and barks aggressively at Molly whenever he has a visual on her. Molly is 3.5 years.

When this dog was a pup, he was so submissive around Molly. When he would see us across the street he would lay down and expose his belly. He was very friendly and seemed like he wanted to meet us. After a few months I asked if our dogs could meet. Molly was very playful in GSD way, being growly and romping, the mix pup seemed happy to meet but acted very submissive. The owner was very protective of his dog, and the next time we met he made it clear he did not want his dog to have any contact with Molly saying, "he does not like dominant females". I wasn't sure if he was referring to me or Molly! Was I wrong in asking them to meet?

The mix dog is overall friendly to people, but untrained and jumps on people. He gets to go to the office with one of the owners during the day. When the dog was a pup, I mentioned some good trainers in our area, but the owners said they planned on doing private one on one lessons. I don't think the training ever materialized. Now that this dog is mature, he is taking the initiative to bark aggressively. Molly totally ignores him, but I'm wondering if this behavior typically escalates to something worse?
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