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I am a breeder and I do the same thing! Quite a few people have called/written me in the last month wanting puppies. I have two litters coming. At least 4 of these, I spent 30 to 45 minutes with exploring their experience, lifestyle young man was recommended to rescue a greyhound...the others I have tried to steer to an older settled rescue dog or a showline or no pup at all....

This is NOT a breed for everyone. It is way too popular. It is way too easily purchased. Even Amish puppy mill litters are extolled via cute websites giving each pup a name and a photo set up like a little yearbook sucking people in - someone is making a mint with setting these up for them I am sure! I cringe and my heart breaks for those poor pups who are bred for nothing but commercial gain and know many people are taken in by the cute photos.

I cringe every time I hear "I just want a pet". I try to educate. I try to explain the quality of a well bred dog, the pitfalls of a BYB, the financial commitment a good breeder has in their dogs (for example $8,000 invested and lost in a breeding female, only to have her retired due to a litter on the third attempt of only 4 - 2 of whom were dwarfs, 1 born dead, lost stud fees when breedings did not 'take' both in Germany and here) that the price of pups in this one litter does not mean greed or 95% profit! Doing this right is expensive. If their biggest concern about a puppy is the price or open papers & breeding rights - right off the bat, they are not good candidates for a puppy.


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