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Originally Posted by DaniFani View Post
The first time I started teaching heel with my first GSD it was a MESS! Remembering to keep my shoulders square, leash short, reward from left, reward at the right time, not drop treats, etc....A.Mess. LOL! Are you working with a club? Def work on the stationary sit, right next to you, dog shoulders next to your knee, no puppy sit, and 100% focus. ONLY move when you have a 100% focus, stop and re-set when the head drops. Dog needs to learn it needs to stay focused and in position the whole time. It IS hard. It looks so easy from the outside, until you take an ADD puppy and start from scratch! lol
Wellllll lol yes, I did a tacking lesson with irondog k9's in VA, I do bite work with the mid Atlantic protection group once a week and so far I have done 2 obedience lessons (privately) with arrowwood shepherds (he won't put Anna in to group until she's 6 months old) but we haven't started the heel yet were really working on her drive and focus, I'm thinking just relationship building really.

I'm gonna work on it and ill be sure to post more videos - this kind of sloppy heel has taken me like 3 months on my own watching DVDs hahah and YouTube videos -__-

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