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Originally Posted by Liz&Anna View Post
Thank you so much I've been working on this heel every day for months and I've had SO much trouble, from crabbing/forging to biting and jumping to her being to far away, I've tried basically everything and I just needed to know that it is finally right.

Ill work on the sit like crazy next, I wasn't sure how to fix it, ill start stationary first and see how it goes

This is proving to be super hard haha but I guess that's why not everyone competes

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The first time I started teaching heel with my first GSD it was a MESS! Remembering to keep my shoulders square, leash short, reward from left, reward at the right time, not drop treats, etc....A.Mess. LOL! Are you working with a club? Def work on the stationary sit, right next to you, dog shoulders next to your knee, no puppy sit, and 100% focus. ONLY move when you have a 100% focus, stop and re-set when the head drops. Dog needs to learn it needs to stay focused and in position the whole time. It IS hard. It looks so easy from the outside, until you take an ADD puppy and start from scratch! lol

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