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Originally Posted by boomer11 View Post
VERY nice for a 5 month old. you have to teach him to sit the correct way though. the heel looks good but once he sits, he rocks back onto his back legs and he is completely out of plane with you. he is no longer next to your leg but behind you. his back legs should move up to sit, not his front legs moving back. i had the exact same problem. i fixed it by not holding the treat so high above his head during "sit training". i held it more forward and lower so that he is moving his butt and back legs forward to sit.
Thank you so much I've been working on this heel every day for months and I've had SO much trouble, from crabbing/forging to biting and jumping to her being to far away, I've tried basically everything and I just needed to know that it is finally right.

Ill work on the sit like crazy next, I wasn't sure how to fix it, ill start stationary first and see how it goes

This is proving to be super hard haha but I guess that's why not everyone competes

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