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Looks great! I have a bicolor too, best color!! hehehe

Her head drops every time on your first step. I had this same problem with all three dogs I've started healing with lol. What worked for me was to be more animated and happy in my face, kind of built the dog up with some drive via my facial expression, and take that step as I'm smiling/saying the command. Trying to keep the dogs attention so the head doesn't drop.

I would slow down, and work on the perfect focus in sitting next to you. Reward for looking at you, start to slowly take that first step and keep that eye contact, trying to get rid of that head drop. You can also work on the perfect positioning next to you paired with the focus. I do a LOT of focus in the sit next to me, get that perfect, proofed under distraction, and THEN we finally take a step forward. It seems to help keep that 100% focus. I don't want the head to drop. She's only 5 months though, no biggie. Just critiquing what I can. :-D Beautiful pup!

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