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7 month old could care less about me now

Hello everyone.

Looking to get some advice with handling a situation. Here's the back story; I got my male puppy from a breeder when he was almost 4 months old. I was living in another state from my wife (I'm in the military) and he was never introduced to her until he was about 6 1/2 months old. He used to follow me everywhere I went, had great mannerisms and focus with me. He had/has a bit of a problem with chasing his tail, which I had almost fully broke that habit, and he would rarely do it.

Now that my wife and I are back under the same roof, it seems he has no interest with me. He rarely comes to me when I call him, follows her everywhere, doesn't go outside when I say "go potty". When I come home from work, he greets me and searches the house for her. It seems like he's transferred all of his excitement/focus to her.

One of my biggest issues aside from him having no interest in me anymore is his habit of chasing his tail has come back worse than ever! As soon as she steps into the door, spin spin spin and its so hard to get him to stop. I'm afraid of this turning psychological. He almost looks stressed and pants while he chases his tail.. I give him plenty of exercise with walks, playing fetch, and time at a local dog park daily.

He also seems to be afraid of me for some reason now.. He bows his head sometimes when I put his leash on for walks. Sorry for the long post.
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