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Hey there! Nice to see such excitement about being a future GSD owner. I myself am a new GSD owner, though I've worked with (as a vet tech) and have owned lots of different breeds. Her name is Nova. I got her at just under 8 weeks, she is now 13 weeks. Honestly, I have only noticed two major differences between her and my other pups/dogs so far. First, she is by far the most fast-learning of any of them I've ever had! She only cried for one night during crate training. Every time I speak to her, she stares at me intently, to the point that it feels like she's looking right into me. Their intelligence is no joke and they find creative ways to show you ..Secondly, her ears seem to be slightly more sensitive than those in the past. Which makes sense, considering the muscles it takes to make them stand. She'll let me handle them just fine, she's just super-sensitive there.

Hope you enjoy the journey with your new pup!
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