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About me and German Shepherds

I've always loved German Shepherds. I have 5 dogs currently, I used to have 6 but I had to give 1 away.

I'm getting my very first German Shepherd very soon and I can't wait!! I'm SUPER excited!!! I've decided that I'm going to be buying him from a breeder as a puppy, of course at 8 weeks. My characteristics (I guess you would say) of my future 1st German Shepherd is a purebred black + tan male. I've already chosen a name and I can't wait to get him.

I know A LOT about animals, especially dogs. I just want some extra information about German Shepherds. Even though I know a lot about them, I've still never had one before. If you have any extra information that you could tell me like grooming tips, training tips, puppy expectations that may be different than other breeds, adult expectations that may be different than other breeds. If you own any, especially several please tell me about them if that's ok. I'm curious and I'd love to know about them. If you have any funny stories please tell me as well!

As I said, any extra tips, stories, etc would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much!

Soon to be Proud German Shepherd Owner! Can't wait!!
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