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Another of my stupid questions

I'm curious about a current shedding situation.

I have had three GSDs and my current one is the first one to pretty much live indoors all the time...excepting the obvious exercising/playtime etc. outside.
My last two shepherds spent much more time outdoors ( 6-8 hours a day at times ) during the winter in their palatial kennel with doghouse entry into the garage. Since they have lived in MN, they obviously adjusted to the winter climate however this one has not been subjected to the same duration of the elements since I am done working. She's my sidekick, we migrate everywhere together most kennel time for her...treats her inside house better than I do. So, here's my question : I think she is starting to blow her undercoat and it is only 3 weeks into January, all my other pooches waited until spring essentially. I understand the differences regarding the environment she is exposed to but.... I am curious if other folks might opine when their dogs shed based on similar conditions.

Most all of the current grooming produces much more of the undercoat being shed, similar to the first stages of typical moulting I have experienced with my past two sheps.

Possible other factors....first real winter with a more adult coat....still intact whereas the others were spayed by this point...bitch is a year and a half plus.....eating a raw diet for the 8 months plus, others never did...

Anyway, I am not suggesting the " possible other factors" are in play and assume it is the more temperate clime she lives in AKA a warm house. Just curious....any thoughts ???

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