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I can't wait!!!!

My mom has agreed to get me a German Shepherd puppy! I've always wanted a GSD and I've been ecstatic since she told me she would. She told me he's going to be my early 16th birthday present and since I have to leave all my friends again I guess she's also considering him as a "I'm sorry we have to move and you have to leave all your friends again" present lol

The German Shepherd I plan on getting is going to be a purebred, black + tan male. His full name is going to be Jace Cloud Malik.

I know a lot about German Shepherds since they're my 2nd favorite breed of dog and a lot about other dogs. I have 5 other dogs already and several other pets.

I was just curious about if anyone has any extra tips that could be very helpful to me since I'll be getting my first German Shepherd really soon. Maybe like, grooming tips, training tips, the best toys to get them that they won't/can't destroy, puppy tips. It would be very and greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!!
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