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Originally Posted by GreenCo View Post
Thank you. I'm going to call the humane society tomorrow and see if they have an update. I live in the area so this hits close to home. I have been hearing coyote's even when I live in the city. I think the population has increased over the years. I wouldn't doubt for a second it wouldn't have been a coyote.

If he survives I'm going to see if I can possibly take him in. I worry the owners will not come forward as they will likely be hit with some expensive vet bills.
I have seen it happen alot, the E vet has a policy were owners are not allowed to leave the vets while there dog is in care. The bills keep mounting and people freak out and dont claim, i guess its easier to leave a dog were it will get the care it needs then not being able t afford the bills and having your dog get sick and die at home. I hope the owners do come forward, keep close tabs on him, if he goes to rescue PM me
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