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Finally some nice evening pics! (and a foster dog!!)

I don't post much..haven't had a camera in awhile and just got a new one for Christmas.

I finally had some free time to get out and play with it. Pandora just turned 8 and the younger dog is an 8 month old Briard pup...who just now out weighs my GSD!

They've become great friends!

We also took on a female GSD foster right before New Years. She may go to her forever home in a week or two. I know they have applications and just need to do home visits.

Pandora and Kafka, these two are mine!

Fostering for the Charlotte SPCA. Someone tagged me in a photo on facebook an urgent GSD needing a temp foster..couldn't help myself. She's a great girl and can stay as long as they need her to.

Kafka seems to like her. She's nervous in photos.

non-GSD (obviously) but I love the picture and wanted to include it!
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