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My four - year old shepherd did this with my shepherd puppy when I brought him home at eight weeks. She would "ground" him every two minutes. He could simply be trying to walk across the room and she'd run and tackle him and pin him on the ground growling, every time. I always corrected her, and it helped the frequency of it. If I noticed her about to, I would correct her before she even started. I never left them unsupervised and watched her body language to stop her BEFORE she did it. She is also VERY dominant, and I would assume she was trying to make an imprint on him now that she is the head dog in the house. She tends to do this to every dog she meets (INSIDE my home only! Outside she is perfectly fine). However, the difference is mine only lasted a week or so. So it's possible yours is doing the same?

I've noticed the older he got and the more I corrected her, she left him alone (unless he bothered her, which he did often as she *looked* like a good playmate for some odd reason). Now, at six months, she only grounds him when he does something unacceptable. For example, if he doesn't listen to me say "down" when I'm coming home and jumps on me, she pushes him to the ground and then releases him. It's actually a very hand tool, because he no longer jumps on me and I hardly had to do anything !

However, mine never tried to bite him, it was always just a push down until he settled and then shed let him back up. So that is where I'm stumped!

I hope I helped somehow

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