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Originally Posted by RubyTuesday View Post
IMO, it's more important to find out why he's losing weight than to merely pack it back on. While healthy, sound animals can be incredibly naturally lean, they do not ordinarily just drop that much weight for no reason. Solve the underlying problem & the weight should self correct.
Agreed. So the vet ran a blood panel on for various reasons that could relate to the issue. Came back perfect. what she wants to do now, is see if in the next month with me increasing his food, if he will gain weight. If he doesn't gain any then that will tell her something more underlying is wrong and she will run more tests. If he gains the weight back she can then assume that it is not a nutrient deficiency problem and can work from there why he lost the weight. especially because for all intensive purposes he is is healthy. Eats, drinks, poops, exercises, tons of energy, temperature is good, no infections and bloodwork is good. So I understand what the vet is doing and believe me I won't let it be ignored, I am the last person to try and cover up an underlying problem.. as it's happened to me on the human side of things more than I care to admit.


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