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Originally Posted by llombardo View Post
And I will add that the majority of dogs given up and are now in shelters or rescue groups are due to human error. Don't count the dog out if they say he jumps on people, he jumps on people because he wasn't taught any different. My boy was brought in because he was mouthy with the kids, guess what? He has been around kids since day one in my house and has NEVER mouthed them. He follows them everywhere and wants to be with them all the time.
I totally agree.

My CC was an obnoxious, mouthy, jumping, 70 pound pushy jerk when I picked him out. I had to convince the new shelter volunteer to let me take him out. He's perfect for our home now. Behaviors don't worry me at all. It's temperament I'm looking at, and comparable energy levels.

But, you have to understand the dog in front of you to make accurate observations. How many pet owners know what signs of stress and calming signals are, or what avoidance looks like? They really want a dog, and this one is cute.

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