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Potty Training without discipline?

So my almost 8 week old Oskar has been doing quite well. We take him outside and he goes right away in the same spot almost every time. When he doesn't have to go he lies down at our feet or goes back and stands at the door. After letting him back in he doesn't have accidents right away.

He hasn't had any problems going number two in the house, largely because we take him out often and he hasn't gone in his crate once!

He does still have accidents, which is understandable because he is so young and we are only on day 4 of having him/potty training him but I want to make sure we are going about it in the most effective way.

I've heard some say disciplining is bad and others say it helps them associate a negative interacting with going inside, and I am just wondering your opinions on this. I do not want to make him fear-aggressive or learn to be afraid of eliminating in front of us etc but I want to know how to train him to start letting us know he needs to go out instead of us just taking him out every 45 min-1 hour.

This may seem like a basic question, but he is my first puppy and I am a titch overwhelmed with the barrage of conflicting information out there. I'd like to hear some experienced folks give me the straight skinny on what worked for them.
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