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Adoption Quesitons (moved to General Rescue)


This is my first post here so I apologize if this isn't the correct forum.

I'm close to adpoting a GSD from a local GSD rescue and have narrowed it down to one. I've met him and not only is he stunning, but he appears to be very well mannered but that was about a 15 minute meeting. I respect and trust this organization greatly as they look at the adoptions on a case by case basis and don't have many strict rules.

A huge part of my mentality is when you don't know much about something, don't act like you're knowledgeable, be honest and open about your lack of knowledge and don't hesitate to ask stupid questions.

So, here i am asking stupid questions to the people I can learn from.

What sort of quesitons should I ask about this GSD? I've already asked about heartworm and his hips. They both check out ok, but is there anything more specific I should ask?

Thank you all in advance.
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