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Hello everyone,
So my 20 week old GS was just diagnosed with UAP in his front left elbow. I am completely beside myself since I did everything right. I went to a breeder who rated hips and elbows, I feed a great diet, I haven't allowed any jumping during his growth period ect ect. His limping started about 2 weeks ago and everyone wrote it off as pano. After I finally demanded for X-ray's due to him getting worse, he did them and it's clear as day he has UAP.
I am curious to hear from those who have experience with UAP. Which surgery route did you take (screwing the plate to the ulna, removal of the growth plate, or elbow replacement)? What is the outcome, does your dog live a normal life, can he do normal things? Also the cost. Not that money is an issue, but I want to know what I'm in for.
I am waiting for the orthopedic vet to contact me, but I want to be as informed as I can be.
Thank you everyone!

Here is an X-ray pic

And here is my baby


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