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Oh and he is on Nature's Recipe: Salmon, Sweet Potato and Pumpkin. 3 cups a day, for the last 2 years with no issues. We use Natural Balance: Lamb food rolls, cut up as training treats and various sweet potato, banana, yogurt, peanut butter, etc. treats as just every day normal "here's a treat for being you." I try to stay away from a protein in his every day treats and only for his training treats.

About every other week he gets a raw marrow bone and randomly he'll get a bully stick when I happen to grab one at the store.

The scraps he would get would be like, green beans, scrambled eggs (plain), leftover bacon or sausage, and meat trimmings from a steak before seasoning. His Kong usually consists of those or his food with peanut butter or gravy and some treats.


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