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Unhappy (Text Heavy) Partial seizures/muscle spasm and Weight loss

So first thing's first.. has anyone ever dealt with partial seizures? The other night Titan jumped up out of a dead sleep, his back muscles completely tightened putting him in this scared cat postion (feet together, VERY arched back) and tail was completely tucked under. Couldn't move. He was awake and aware and would try to come to me when I called him but could take itty bitty steps. After about 5-10 minutes (while I was on the phone with the ER vet) he loosened up and went back to laying down and fell back asleep.. happened twice, that was the second time, the first time lasted about 30 seconds about 5 hours prior to that incident so we were unsure what really happened. Vet told me that since he was back to sleeping and seemed to be normal in other aspects to bring him in the morning. So we did. After explaining things and talking about everything, she said that she thinks he may have had a partial seizure or a very very bad muscle spasm. but with this being the only incident she wants me to keep an eye on him. If it happens again to bring him back immediately. So... just curious on y'all's thoughts..

Second to all this is his weight loss. When I left for my deployment in Feb last year, he was 93 lbs and very healthy, lean and muscular, not an ounce of fat. When I got back in Sept (7 months later) he was 85. Not extreme but enough that I wasn't sure that was right. Well my vet said she didn't want him lose anymore weight but if he stayed at 85 that wouldn't be terrible for him because of the hips and all that. He still looked healthy to her and all that so said not to worry. When he went in yesterday for the seizure incident, he was 77 lbs. So now you're talking 15 lbs of loss. Nothing has changed as far as diet. Still on the same food and same amount as for the last 2 years. While I was deployed he didn't get as much exercise and didn't eat his food only a few times. When I got home, we exercised more and he continued on the same food and diet, eating everytime. Admittedly he is even getting a little extra since I have been back and with the holiday, scraps from meats and veggies, leftovers in a Kong or in his bowl after he eats. It doesn't make sense to me. The vet did a blood panel on him yesterday because now she is concerned. She check thyroid and worms and a few other things, and said they were all perfect and he ws very healthy so she suggested for the next month to increase his diet. Add things to his food and give him more treats (healthy treats) but over all increase his intake. In a Motnh he has to go back for his annual anyways so she wants to weigh him then and take it from there.

Help.. what are your opinions, if you've dealt with it, and what kinds of things are good to add to his food to increase his diet?

Could the 2 (weight loss and whatever spasm he had) be related at all?


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