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Help with whinng!

Hello everyone.
I need some help or suggestions here. My husband and I have a (almost) 16 week old german shepherd puppy. We got her at 8 weeks. From the moment we first saw her and picked her up, I KNEW she was gunna be a talker. And I love her expressions and that she is a talker. However, the whining... Oh-EM-GEE!!! She is crated whenever we leave our house and she does pretty well for the most part being in there. She whines for a little bit and then is fine. When we take her out of her crate is when she goes stir crazy with the whining! To me, so far it just seems like she is wanting attention and some lovin'. The only other time she is really whiny is when we go to puppy classes. And this is by FAR the most embarrassing thing ever. She will literally whine the entire time unless she's working on whatever it is we're doing or she is the center of attention. Talk about annoying and embarrassing. How do I get this to stop?!?! I have tried sitting on the floor with her and petting her and have tried entertaining her to get her to just calm down.... I am at my wits ends with this whining stuff! Please help with any ideas or suggestions!!!

Thank you!

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