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Can't we all get along?

Though I am fairly new to this site, I have read hours and hours and shall I say, hours worth of informational posts. One thing I can say, is If I was to "group" all the information together, would be about 99.9% of the people here are all caring and loving of the breed. Everyone tries to help out if they can offer advise. If someone post's, "please help", usually there is 4 pages of thread within an hour. As someone new here, you learn real quick why this site is so awesome. While there are a lot of opinions on how to do things, what not to do, what e-collar is best, what is my pup mixed with, etc etc etc, Everyone seems to post what they think will work. I guess my point is, I have learned a great deal from this site so far. I have a lot of respect and appreciation for many people here already. In no short order, Jax, David, Dani, Selzer, Ballif, etc .... I would much rather see everyone smiling and getting along as one thing is for certain. YOU are here as well as I for one reason. We all love the breed. Would everyone please shake hands and continue answering post's so myself and a wealth of others can learn !!

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