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Default How far is too far?

Dia has been my greatest motivation while I am training myself for a half marathon. She comes on runs with me (the furthest we have gone so far is just over 5 miles, adding .5 miles a week to the total distance). She has been great. Keeps up fine. Does not want to stop or walk. She is in great shape when it comes to stamina, but how far is when its just too far for her to come with me. I know there is a title (AD) that has dogs jog a long distance but they get breaks, and I'm trying to keep a steady pace throughout (shorter runs than 3 miles average about 10 min mile pace, longer goes at 11-12)
If she is willing, should I just let her come? Ps, she is 3, with "good" hips and "normal" elbows accordingHow far is too far?-imageuploadedbypg-free1390471962.106080.jpg to ofa :-)

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