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When I laid her down I physically laid her down, there was no actual corrections I made I just would let her try and see that they weren't hurting her. Ive tried her ball the only real thing she even showed slight interest in. if she'd look at me Id take out her ball but she'd go right back to carrying on. taking her mind off the other dogs didnt work either. If using treats is a way to help her, first Id have to buy more cheese because she hates dog treats with a passion. Ive tried pretty much all of them. just shy of cooking her a steak...

But besides that where am I going wrong with the treats then that I was unable to get results? I attempted for about 3 months with no change in her behavior.

Also when I do find something that works it only works for THAT dog. so for instance I spent a whole day doing short sessions of walking her in front of the yard of a barking boxer (id spoken to the lady, he's a big softy and she said she'd love to help) Id correct her each time she showed any excessive behavior and if she was quiet she could stop and look at him. when she got ecited we went back to walking back and forth down the block. I was doing this after a long play session at home so she was already tired out. any how by the end of the day she could sit quietly and walk past him with no issue. so I let her go meet him and they played and she got along famously with him (her reward, because she loves playing with other dogs) but now I can go down the next block to the boxer down there that barks and its like starting all over. Its that way with EVERY dog.
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