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Originally Posted by Delilah's_Human View Post
I dont have any good trainers in my area they are all are treat based trainers except one who is a SCH trainer but he's out of ideas other than leaving an e collar on her at all times.
I would suggest you find a reputable rewards based trainer to work with. Even just a couple of personal sessions could make a huge difference in how you teach the dog things. I personally think some professional help is in order, and I would highly stress to not stim the dog with the e-collar while it is looking at another dog.

I'm not a clicker crazed zealot. I believe in balanced training that includes proofing behaviors with corrections. I also believe that showing a dog what to do in a given circumstance is far easier, and far better understood by the dog, than showing them what not to do. The right trainer can help you with this.

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