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What do I do now?

Ive had german shepherds all my life. no dog has ever quite made me scratch my head as much as she does. she doesn't do things DOGS do. like sniffing at the garbage, counters, plates at eye level. Every dog starts with sniffing next thing you know they are sneaking a taste from the source. Not her. She didn't get into the garbage until after she seen a dog my mom had in for training do it. when she did. she'd make sure no one was around then carefully remove one tasty bit lick it clean then hide it behind the couch, or other piece of furniture she knew wouldn't be moved.

I found her stock pile a weeks later when i was cleaning. the second I found it she went to her crate with sad eyes. I yelled at her. she never did it again that was her at 8 months old. you can set your plate on the floor and leave it there with a rare steak and some gouda cheese (her faves) and it would not be touched. Now if you point to it and then hand her a piece while on the floor, its gone, at that point its for her though. My point is she has never been a normal GSD. Ive raised her with rules that she knows are to be followed, period.

She was well socialized. loves people to death. Wasn't keen on dogs but she tolerated them and were fun to play with. If a dog barked at her I could just tell her to 'shhht' and she wouldn't make a sound. Then after awhile she just ignored them and was congenial with each dog she met and well behaved.

Until the incident. At 10 months old she was brutally attacked by 3 'bear' dogs (dogs used for hunting bear, the improperly trained ones are highly aggressive and dangerous to every one). they not only attacked her but were trying to rip her apart (one had her by the head another her shoulder which chewed down her leg and the other had her by her rump trying to play tug of war) she didn't fight just tried to get away. That was the only time I hit a dog with something and wanted to hurt it. If I hadn't they would have killed her.

$600 dollars and 8 stitches later. She was all patched up. Afterwards I only took her around the most sweet gentle dogs because she was afraid of all dogs. (the dogs that she sees now that look like those dogs she seen that first month she doesnt have nearly the reaction to) she seemed to get back into her groove for awhile. I let people bring over puppies to play with her and other dogs that love dogs. for the longest time all she would do is watch other dogs if we were in the truck she'd let out a soft whine and Id correct her because I dont like whiney dogs.

This is a dog that never barks. well 8 months ago, my mom brings her dog over who is a socialized dog that has always been well behaved. Delilah has met her before. well the dog came up to her with raised tail and delilah raised her tail and the dog went after her and delilah fought back. I yelled just one word and delilah backed down and came to me. my mom snatched her dog up and reprimanded her. I gave delilah a firm disappointed yelling at and a smack on the rump. The other female avoided delilah. delilah stuck by me and kept an eye on her but otherwise seemed to ignore her.

Now for the last few months she has gone from watching all other dogs to raising her hackles at all other dogs to barking, growling and hackles raised. heck a key jingle (sounds like collar tags) and a stranger walking by can make her hackles raise. Ive tried outright reprimanding her to just letting her get it out. Ive tried exercising her til tired then taking her around other dogs. Ive tried distracting her to show her she can enjoy herself and they wont hurt her as recommended by a local trainer. none of it worked. Ive tried so much. Ive tried laying her down in a submission style, making her submit to me and not letting her up until her body is relaxed.

Ive tried a lot. none of it had made any difference. She does this the same with everyone, its actually worse if its not me holding her because i can shut her up with one "no, Look what you did". I'm always confident, relaxed and calm. She thinks that they are out to get her just by the way she watches any door when it opens. Now I have to lay her down to introduce her to new dogs. They sniff her, even if its a puppy. When she relaxes I let her up she sniffs their butt and they are good chums after that. she will play carry on and otherwise be best friends with the dog. I dont have any good trainers in my area they are all are treat based trainers except one who is a SCH trainer but he's out of ideas other than leaving an e collar on her at all times. because that's the only time she WONT bark. hackles still go up she watches intently but no barking or growling. I want her to feel comfortable enough around other dogs that she doesn't think they are out to get her, that's no way to live. what do I do now?
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