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Long Coat Question

I am curious if those of you who have had long coat puppies noticed much of a difference in their fur from when they were puppies to when they were adults. grant it I know they go from puppy fur to adult coat. So I guess what I mean is, Dinozzo seemed extra fluffy when I got him at 8 weeks but as he keeps getting older and older (a little over 4 months now) his coat doesn't seem to be that long anymore. His ear floofies are the only thing that seem to have stayed really long. I am up north so it definitely isn't a matter of the weather being too warm.
I actually ran across a guy who happened to be at the breeder with his puppy when I picked out Dinozzo & who I ended up seeing at the trainer I decided to see today. His puppy does seem to have gotten a longer/fuller coat.
So is it just a matter of transitioning from puppy coat to adult coat and the adult coat needing time to grow out? I was hoping for a long coat throughout but at this point it looks like it's just going to be the ears.

Side note: I wouldn't trade my boy for the world. I love him immensely.

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