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Conflicted training experiences, Wash. State

So, I'm having the most amazing experiencing training with my Czech working Gshep Xara under the methods of Bart de Gols. No complaints whatsoever. It's all about building a personal relationship and trust with your dog. Expensive, but this guys is world renowned for a danm good reason.

Now, my outcross 1.5 years old male Petey... he's a softy. Amazingly calm and welcoming temperament. We are gearing him to be therapy dog certified, because he is just amazing in public and with strangers. People LOVE this dog. So my mom, who is handling his training, has been taking him to a trainer who shall not be named, that I feel destroys dogs spirits from what I've heard of the 3 weeks of training my mom and Petey have gone through. No matter how well a dog already knows a command, this person wants you to choke the s*it out of them every time you give them a command. Of course, my mom doesn't comply, as we would rather fail the class than to do that to our dog. This person is of the old 'yank-and-crank' style of training, and had we known that, we would not have gone to her. Not only that, she single's people out and makes examples of them in front of the whole class for what not to do. How bitter and insecure! not to mention unfairly belittling. Has anyone else experienced this with trainer's before? I'm too spiteful to pull my dog from this class. i'd rather have my mom trudge through, finish the class, pass or fail, and stick to our ethics that is based on having our dogs comply out of enjoying to work rather than to instil fear of abuse if they don't comply.

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