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Question Run around really fast and hide under the table

So every now and then Drago gets a wild hair and rips around the apartment really fast trying not to get caught. Some times he even gets really vocal and looks aggressive (ears back front teeth shown and very vocal).

We play wrestle a lot and he knows the rules. When he is in this mode he is very very soft mouthed and if I know my dog like I think I do he is just trying to play (really want to outline how gentle he is, it is less than 10% of what play wrestle and biting is) Often times if you catch him he just plops over panting and relaxes immediately.

A lot of the time it seems to be triggered when we want him out from under the coffee table, where he likes to rest like a den. Also it is usually when we have yet to go out to a park or walk yet. Yesterday when he did this I caught him, he plopped over and I notices something I had never seen. Next sentence is descriptive, figured I would give a heads up before just saying it. While he was on his back I noticed about a pinky nail worth of white milky fluid in the tip of his penile sheath.

Looking for what people think on this behavior, what is going through my dogs head while he is doing it, and what the fluid was and its cause. I do not know as much as I should about dog anatomy and physiology, so any links would be great.

Hopefully nobody is offended or put off. I am just looking to better understand my dog and if I should be medically concerned.
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