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The Honest Kitchen Test

The Honest Kitchen Diet Test.
I have a 6 month old GSD puppy that has been pledged with UTIís, 3 so far. Once she finishes her meds about 2 days later the beginning symptoms return and she goes back on antibiotics. Her first UTI the vet found that her PH level was high, so he recommended we switch her diet, we did. 2 days after her she finished her meds, the 2nd UTI came; the vet gave us the same meds and wanted to check her urine once she had been on the meds for a while to make sure the antibiotics were doing the job. 1 week later, urine check turned up that the antibiotics worked but her HP level had gone up even higher than before and now there was protein in her urine. The vet recommended we give her vitamin C tablets once a day in effort to lower her HP level. 2 weeks later she finished her meds and like clockwork, the UTI returned. After that I started doing my own research on a new diet in an effort to fix the problem, The Honest Kitchen was recommended by a friend and after a lot of research I spoke to my vet about switching her and he gave us the green light.
She has had 2 meals with half kibble and half Keen from HK and so far so good. Before she would only eat her food if she was really hungry and now she licks the bowl clean. This morning she saw me pull that box out; she flipped out and couldnít wait to dig in. Iím going to keep updating this thread as the weeks go on and hopefully this diet change will fix her UTI problem.
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