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This is something we have tried and it is working rally well so far. Take something that your dog has a lot of drive for, in our case it is a ball. we got a ball on a rope and would drape it over my right shoulder while he is sitting at my left hand side. If, like you said he is not jumping up a lot anymore and he knows that to get what he wants he has to get it through you then he should just stare straight at you/the ball. Do a couple sessions on rewarding him for being in this position (several times a day, for about five days). If need be keep a short lead on him to prevent slip ups for the first few sessions. Then slowly start taking a few steps and gradually ease it to very short walks with frequent rewards and a light hand on corrections.

Do a fair amount of research on proper use of prong collars and determine if it is right for your dog or not.With a gentle hand it has improved our walks a lot and allowed us to better communicate with our boy. By no means am I a proven reference, just sharing what has worked for us.

On a side note, I do not know your dog and have not read your previous posts, but it sounds like you do not have a "dominant" dog. Just a high energy high drive dog. From what I understand truly dominant dogs are rare and require professional training almost 100% of the time. They do not do anything they do not think they should, are constantly making attempts to "climb the ladder" and can be difficult to even live with.
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