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There are wild animals and domestic animals. There are cats that are the size of house cats, but are just wild. They do not lend themselves to domestication. African elephants are not domesticated. India elephants are, and can be used to work, and have been used for work for generations -- they are different.

Dogs cast their lot in with humans so many generations ago, that they are not very wolfish at all. When dogs were domesticated, people were much closer to the wild themselves. They lived off the land, and spent much time outdoors and with their dogs. They understood dogs, AND they did not confuse dogs with furry little children.

So many generations, centuries have passed since then, and people bred the dogs that exhibited the traits they needed -- hunting, herding, guarding, and bred out the traits that they could not live with -- aggression toward owner/family, extreme shyness. And over those years, the dogs evolved to critters that simply do not have much wild-animal in them.

To reintroduce wolves and dogs, I think it is criminal, it should be illegal. If you want size, mix in a mastiff breed. Surely you can find the traits you are looking for in dogs that already exist. High content wolf-dogs do not make good pets. They are independent, very shy, they have high prey drive, and are not very trainable. Probably a good percentage of them fail to live safely as a pet in our society, which means they are put down, or kept in strong kennels for the rest of their lives. I think it is a crappy thing to do to a wild thing.

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