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Originally Posted by brembo View Post
Striking colors. King? Corn? I know next to nothing about reptiles, aside from they like warm places and can give me the heeby-jeebies.
Jungle carpet python They are actually usually dull in color as babies but really brighten up with age. At the rate this guy is going, I think he'll turn out really nice!

Originally Posted by MiaMoo View Post
Baby carpet? He's lovely

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Yes, and thank you! I was originally going to go with a ball python but in the end couldn't resist the colors of a flashy JCP.

Originally Posted by Piper'sgrl View Post
cool snake.nice colouring.what breed? Also I just have to say I like your selfie are your freckles
Jungle carpet python! They're native to Australia and I actually first heard about them from someone here, who shared pictures of their JCP.

And thanks - everyone comments on the freckles LOL I'm one of those rare Asians with freckles, though I'm still learning to embrace them.

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